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Posted on: Wednesday, 22 April 2020 at 10:12:23 AM

During this time, it is important for your staff as well as your community to have access to timely and credible information, so they feel safe and well informed.

In response to COVID-19, Market Creations has developed a portal tailored to supporting your key stakeholders.

The portal can serve internally as a reference point for staff. Additionally, the platform can be adapted as a hub for external stakeholders such as your community, elected members or businesses.

The portal comes pre-populated with content from credible government sources and support services.

  • Quick links to credible government websites – This ensures users are always directed to the most up-to-date information.
  • FAQs and fact sheets – We have worked with industry leaders to ensure the most common questions are answered.
  • Health and wellbeing information – It is normal for people to feel overwhelmed and stressed during this time. We have collated information from key mental health organisations to help support your stakeholders.

Whether it be internally for employees or an outward facing website for community members and businesses, the COVID-19 portal is an adaptive online tool that will help you engage with and communicate to your key stakeholders.

Request a demonstration by calling (08) 6168 1000 or emailing

Click here for more information on the COVID-19 portal

Thank you to our pilot partners the City of Vincent and Shire of Chapman Valley who have jumped onboard as early adopters!

City of Vincent Logo

The City of Vincent aims to be innovative in delivering services to the community. During the Covid-19 period we want to ensure best practise online communication and offer the best delivery of services and information to our community. This portal offered a time and cost effective solution.
Rosslind Ellis
Manager Marketing & Partnerships, City of Vincent

View their portal here

We are looking forward to launching the portal and using the platform to assist our staff & community keeping up to date in these challenging times. We truly believe it is a great option for the Shire.
Dianne Raymond
Manager Finance & Corporate Services, Shire of Chapman Valley

View their portal here

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