Connecting through social media - 5 tips

Posted on: Friday, 4 October 2019 at 9:15:39 AM

Social media is fast becoming key to business success. Little to zero social media presence can be a disadvantage, including clearly inactive pages. Social media – when used to connect with an audience – makes a business authentic and appealing. If a company has little or no posts about their product or service, they are often seen as ‘out of touch’.

Social media can be critical to connecting with your customers and building trust. If successfully managed, social media can make the business seem more like a family - and less like a faceless entity.

Providing excellent customer experience on social media can increase customer satisfaction and build or increase brand loyalty. It is therefore vital to tailor your marketing strategies to meet expectations and build a community.

Here are 5 tips for connecting with your audience through social media:

Ask for feedback

Always ask for feedback. Negative or positive, feedback from your clients or audience is invaluable. Negative comments can be constructive - and give you insight into how you can improve your offering. It can also often raise your attention to an issue you may have not thought about. Positive feedback can give you insight into why customers choose you over competitors.

Support something

Humanise your business and create goodwill by visibly supporting a worthy cause. Because actions speak louder than words, posting photographers of your team supporting a local charity, sporting team or clean up initiative will benefit your brand immensely.


Video is known to have extremely high engagement rates. After all, one-third of online activity is spent watching video, and 87% of online marketers now use video. There is nothing less appealing than endless large blocks of text – so using video to break paragraphs and increase engagement is a great start.

Go behind the scenes

To truly connect with your audience, give them an authentic behind the scenes look. Day to day footage of your team interactions is truly authentic. Show your human side – it’ll do wonders for your corporate image, and increase brand loyalty.

Don’t make it all business

100% branded content on social media will quickly bore your audience. Make sure you keep it authentic and varied. People like people – not faceless organisations. Invite them into your world, and they will react positively.
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