An integrated marketing approach

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at 9:17:24 AM

Simple in theory, an integrated marketing approach requires shared agreements and goals across the business to achieve truly great results in practice. An integrated approach is holistic and looks at every customer touch point as marketing communication. It also considers how each touch point impacts everything from customer experience to staff satisfaction. Consistency of messaging is key for a seamless, unified brand identity.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is described as “a holistic planning process that focuses on integrating messages across communications disciplines, creative executions, media, timing and stakeholders. An integrated approach has emerged as the dominant approach used by companies to plan and execute their marketing communication programs and has been described as a paradigm shift.”

By applying consistent brand messaging across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, marketers can ensure brand image is unified across different platforms. This consistency equates into trustworthiness from a consumer and stakeholder point of view. Your company’s reputation and brand image will benefit from ensuring every communication (website, events, campaigns, social media presence) take on an integrated approach. But what about those touch points that don’t fall into the marketing ‘bucket’?

What else affects my brand?

Consistent marketing communications is only one part of a truly integrated approach. How you speak to staff, internal communications, also need to be consistent. The way staff write emails, staff email signatures, selling techniques or customer service all impact brand perception and image.

Providing consistency and clarity in execution across all mediums is then suddenly a bigger piece.

Creating an integrated approach

Starting with a comprehensive strategic plan that evaluates the benefits and suitability of a variety of communications is your first step in implementing an integrated approach. Consistency in output will ensure your brand image is understood by your customers and stakeholders. Implementing effective staff inductions and repetition of your brand values and image will ensure staff are on the same page. Integrating your messages internally and externally in this manner will ensure maximum communication impact.

How an agency can help

A marketing agency can provide your company with the skill set and guidance to create an integrated marketing strategy and implement an integrated marketing campaign across multiple platforms. They are also distanced enough from your brand to be able to evaluate it for consistency and clarity in all channels. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective!

Market Creations can help you to develop your integrated marketing approach. With capability in strategic planning, web design and development and expertise in the complete suite of marketing, both digital and traditional - we can assess and implement an integrated marketing campaign for your company. Our team can help make a difference!

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