Evolving your brand

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 9:21:18 AM

Brands sometimes need a refresh to grow business or remain current. Big brands often change their logo to increase market share or challenge long held perceptions.

When evolving your brand, these are some questions to think about:

Does your current messaging still align with current business goals?

Are your brand touch points outdated? If so, do they need a refresh?

What can you learn from your competitors? What are some positives and negative examples from other companies?

Evolving your brand also requires the right team. To be successful, you need an engaged team that is invested in the mission.

As the brand evolves, it is vitally important to engage stakeholders in the process throughout and in this way, they develop buy-in; if they are involved, they can communicate it to your clients.

In the process of a brand evolution, brand collateral is refined and workshopped to ensure continuity and universality.

Brand collateral is the collection of media used to market the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. Brand image consistency is key. It’s important to make sure the refresh is universal and covers all the branded material that you currently produce.

Shire of Bruce Rock: a mini case study

In 2018, we worked closely with the Shire of Bruce Rock to successfully reinvigorate their brand. The process involved a new logo and identity, new website, signage, uniforms, stationary, banner suites, a new positioning statement, and involved a lot of workshopping.

bruce rock 3bruce rock 1

Whether you’re looking for a complete corporate identity refresh, or simply a new logo or website to enhance your current brand, we can help make a difference.

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