Ensuring business continuity during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease)

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 March 2020 at 11:29:45 AM

The race for toilet paper, Panadol and pasta has resulted in supermarkets setting limits on customer purchases and presented unheard of scenes, with physical altercations in store. Throughout, businesses have continued to service their clients. However, business must be mindful that offering staff the capability to work remotely is looking like an inevitable measure to ensure business continuity.

As the virus spreads, more companies will ask their staff to work from home to reduce the risk of infection. Already Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have led the pack requesting and sometimes urging their staff to work from home. These IT leaders presumably are already well equipped for their staff to take these measures. Business leaders must consider their environment and question whether they have the right equipment and software in place. They must question if they have appropriate disaster recovery planning and IT support available to be able to ensure they can operate effectively with staff working remotely.

Darren Lee is the Managing Director of Market Creations, a leading ICT services provider with offices in Perth and Geraldton. His business is well equipped with remote working options including cloud solutions, IP Telephony, disaster recovery and data centre services well integrated into his business continuity planning.

“Our staff have the capability to access our workplace environment from anywhere allowing them to continue to collaborate on a project or task from wherever they may be. Our staff visit many regional based clients throughout the year which has necessitated the ability to be able to work remotely. Many businesses may not have the same requirements and may be caught out when trying to operate under restrictions that could see office buildings emptied of personnel,” Darren said.

“Whether there is a challenge such as the coronavirus or a need to provide services to clients in remote areas, planning is your first step to ensure you have the right measures in place for your business. Our experienced ICT professionals can work with you to explore flexible workplace policies and systems.”

“Providing staff with the capability to work from home allows more flexibility in the workplace, but your ICT infrastructure must be geared for it.”

“Implementing the right tools and protocols to work remotely can be beneficial for your business. In times where situations arise such as the coronavirus, employees can continue to contribute while reducing their personal risk of infection.”

“Our ICT solutions can bring peace of mind for your business long after the threat of the coronavirus has passed,” said Darren.

Market Creations offers a broad ICT service catalogue including Technical/Consulting services, cloud services, Office 365, IP Telephony (IPTel)/(VoIP), Internet and Data Services, Hardware and Software sales and support.

Email ict@marketcreations.com.au or call Market Creations ICT direct on (08) 6168 1040 to find out how we can help.

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