Shire of Waroona

The Shire of Waroona wanted to transform their brand identity and website to reinforce their vision and strengthen the representation of their region that stretches from ‘sea to scarp’.

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Shire of Waroona


Website Design, Branding,

About the client

Located in the Peel region of Western Australia, the Shire of Waroona covers an area of about 835km2, extending from ‘sea to scarp’. The Shire of Waroona’s vision was to create a sense of place and identity, embracing creativity, their natural environment and a strong and diverse economy. To help rejuvenate their online presence and corporate identity, our team developed a new brand and website for the Shire of Waroona.

New Identity

The Shire wanted a contemporary logo that strengthened its brand identity, represented its locality, and instilled community pride. Market Creations Agency worked with the Shire of Waroona to roll out their new brand, including a corporate style guide, stationery design, and promotional signage.

The newly designed brand identity focuses on what makes them unique and what they have to offer. The logo is an abstract representation of their region, paying ode to the breathtaking landscape and agriculture that surrounds the Shire.

Refreshed Website

Showcasing their new brand, the Shire of Waroona’s website incorporates a bold and vibrant design to highlight their beautiful region. The rebuild of the website also focused on improving the user experience via the Landing Page module – a visual grid that helps users navigate through the website.

The homepage features quick links, news, events and social media feeds to provide timely updates to the community and provide easy access to information. The digital hub offers a robust snapshot of the Shire and welcomes visitors to explore and discover more of Waroona.

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The Outcome

Modern and contemporary, the Shire’s new brand identity and online presence are lifted and refined to represent Waroona’s vision and spirit. The website was developed to establish strong visual aesthetics while focusing on user experience at its core. Collaborating with the Shire of Waroona, our team created an identity and digital hub that the Shire could use to proudly showcase their community.