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Data Centre

Offering a full range of data services including communications, ICT consulting and cloud services, hardware and software solutions and records management the Geraldton Data Centre is a reliable, one-stop facility aimed at providing tailored ICT solutions for local, regional and metropolitan based businesses.

In step with best practice, the Geraldton Data Centre focuses on the development of strategic contingency plans for disaster recovery to ensure business continuity and sustainable competitive advantage.

Benefitting both local and regional businesses, the Centre’s services realise cost efficiencies, increased productivity and a reduction of support costs and capital expenditure in hardware for clients. Additionally, the Geraldton Data Centre enables clients to leverage high speed connectivity to data stored in the region and provide accessibility to services otherwise only found in Perth.

  • Hosted virtual servers
  • Tier 3 data centre - Perth only
  • Easily scale as you grow your IT needs
network-iconICT Concsulting
  • Bring your own infrastructure
  • Individual racks
  • Remote hands
Cloud Services
  • Bring your own licensing onto dedicated hardware
  • Per GB pricing on storage

Hardware and Software Solutions

Record Management

Backup and Optimal Disaster Recovery

What is a Data Centre?

A Data Centre is a facility dedicated to providing space for companies to store and operate various Information Technology infrastructure.


This can include, but is not limited to, cloud computing services, records management, back up services and disaster recovery. Data centre use a cloud foundation to virtually connect companies to the data that supports their business, removing physical or geographical barriers.


By outsourcing requirements to data centre providers, companies can reduce associated costs through pay per usage models and adjustable service offerings. External data centre assist in eliminating unnecessary physical infrastructure that may be taking up valuable real estate and reducing the cost of maintaining core IT infrastructure on your site.

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