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IP Telephony

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WhatWhat is IP Telephony?

IpTel, also called PBX IP Telephony is a way of replacing old onsite PABX systems with a cloud-based phone system. Taking advantage of the internet, the phone system is made digital using voice over IP (VOIP). This provides minimal up front costs coupled with the latest features to suit all modern organisation requirements.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, meaning your organisation has a private phone network where they can communicate internally as well as externally.

howHow Does IP Telephony Work?

IP telephone systems use the Internet Protocol (IP) or other digital protocols to transfer voice communications over the internet.


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switchWhy switch to IP Telephony?

The benefits of IPTel /VoiP for your organisation are numerous, and one clear stand out is cost considerations related to infrastructure and monthly telecommunication bills.
Modern IPTel/VoiP solutions allow the system to run on existing, non-proprietary hardware as well as low-cost machines.


Send calls over the internet and bypass
long-distance charges or call by minutes.


Unrestricted number of phone lines and time spent on outgoing calls.


It is online, meaning it can work anywhere
in the world.


Increase efficiency and productivity with features that suit you.


IPTel easily integrates into existing infrastructure to help boost productivity.


Video conference with clearer images than conventional video conferencing techniques.

IPTel has ushered in the development of unified communications solutions which can provide a complete communications package all in one, run over a single network and on one platform.

This means that organisation's can easily manage calls, use video conferencing, collaborate, chat and more through a single service.

These solutions have also allowed users to make VoIP telephone calls through their smartphones and computers, either with the use of apps or web clients.

featuresEnjoy great features with IPTel

Advanced Call RoutingSet up a virtual customer service centre, allow callers to reach the right person or auto route callers to the right department wherever they may be in Western Australia.

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Auto AttendantYour digital receptionist, with IP Telephony an automated attendant allows callers to be transferred to an extension number.

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Call QueuesPlace callers in line until the next available person can answer.

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Call PopDisplay contact details and key information for an incoming call improve customer experience by knowing the caller.

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Call RecordingVoiP allows for call exchanges to be recorded by approval. Capture details, or use the data to help your team improve customer service and deliver quality solutions for your clients.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Interact with a computer operated phone system via touchphone or speech recognition, IVR can respond with pre recorded or dynamic audio customer service directions.

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Instant MessagingChat in real time over the internet, improve workflow, efficiency and productivity. IM technology is familiar to all, has many features and allows instant communication to remote areas.

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Video ConferencingMeet face to face over the area, based in Perth with a regional workforce throughout Western Australia? Improve internal communications with and stay connected over long distances.

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Integrate with CRMManage process and customers in one place. Automate repetitive tasks, reduce duplication and improve customer service levels when your integrate IPTel and CRM.

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Ability to upgrade Scale your IPTel/VoiP system to suit your needs, your organisation size and your location throughout Perth and regional Western Australia.

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