Allendale Primary School Brand Refresh

School rebrand signifies new chapter

In 2014 Allendale Primary School had just won the honour of being classified as an ‘Independent Public School’ – a significant achievement.

To mark this new chapter in the school’s history, they asked us to assist them with a brand refresh.

Allendale Before

The brief

The client’s main criticism of the existing logo was that it did not contain any elements that were representative of their school community. They asked Market Creations to create a fresh new logo that better illustrated their values of responsibility, honesty, courtesy and respect.

The new logo needed to be a colourful, modern design with strong lines, and the graphics were to reflect leadership, strong community support and staff committed to teaching.

Allendale Logos

The solution

The new Allendale Primary School logo depicts people standing in a circle together. Their hands are thrown in the air in joy because they are celebrating their happiness at being part of a school community with strong values.

Their bodies can also be interpreted as books, representing Allendale Primary School’s identity as an education institution.

The overall shape of the design pays homage to the original sun logo as well as being slightly floral in design to signify the school’s growth.

Thrilled with the outcome, Allendale Primary School asked us to apply their new logo and colour scheme to a suite of stationery, email signatures and calico bags, and the branding was carried through to the design of their Business Plan in 2015.

Allendale Logos