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Massive project requires massive investment

The City of Greater Geraldton is one of the biggest Local Government organisations in regional WA, encompasing more than 40,000 residents.

We were offered the opportunity to develop their new website through our Council Connect partnership with WALGA.

It was one of our most challenging but successful projects to date.

The brief

The City needed to consolidate all of their myriad of existing sites into a single platform, while incorporating a host of new features for easier content management.

They wanted a fresher design that was easier to navigate and use while on-the-go.

Big challenges, big investments

As we worked with the City throughout the scoping stage, we realised we were looking at our biggest website development project yet.

We had to invest heavily in a complete internal upgrade to of our content management system, Spark CMS.

Work quickly begun on Spark 4 — what would be a momentus 400-hour project.

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The solution

The solution was twofold — develop a more robust back end environment to handle multiple website profiles, and create a website navigation and page design that handled the overwhelming amount of information.

The end result has made life easier for the busy City of Greater Geraldton staff with its simple, one-stop website management and content sharing capabilities.

Due to the project's complexity we took special care through the training and deployment phase, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

Just weeks after it launched, the City of Greater Geraldton’s new-look website has already earned the ‘click’ of approval from many of the region’s local residents.

For the first-time users can access any one of the City’s eight websites in one convenient location.