Roebourne District High School

Seven years after developing their original website, our team re-engaged the Roebourne District High School to deliver a QuickCut refresh project. Featuring vibrant indigenous colours and a suite of new modules, the school's new site offers an enhanced look and feel enjoyed by parents, teachers and students alike.

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Roebourne District High School



Website Design,

New School Identity

Roebourne District High School's new website was developed with the end goal in mind, of giving parents easy access to information and the tools necessary to encourage active school participation and attendance within their community.

About the Client

The school caters to students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with approximately 98% of all students descending from Aboriginal heritage. With students coming from three distinct language groups, each with their own set of cultures, norms and values, it was essential we understood the history of the school and the region, so that we could design a website solution bespoke to the unique challenges and opportunities present for the client.

Indigenous Focused

Our team has a long-standing history of helping indigenous organisations achieve outcomes across websites, graphic design and marketing consultancy. Our portfolio includes clients in the indigenous health space (GRAMS, PAMS, Wirraka Maya & Moorditj Koort), local government authorities from largely indigenous populations (Katherine & Derby/West Kimberly) and majority-indigenous schools. 

Commitment to Serving Regional WA

Market Creations also visits Roebourne on a bi-annual basis as part of our commitment to servicing our regional clients, which coupled with our experience, made Market Creations a hand-in-glove fit to assist Roebourne District High School to achieve this excellent outcome. 

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