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Market Creations Agency is the delivery partner for CouncilConnect - a website design, development, and hosting solution, specifically suited for Local Government Authorities throughout Australia. This platform was initially launched in partnership with the Western Australian Local Government Authority (WALGA) and has since grown to have more than 105+ subscribers with over 175+ internet and intranet applications delivered to date.

In January 2020, WALGA entered an agreement with the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT), which supports 17 Territory Councils. This allows LGANT members access to CouncilConnect as a service, among others.

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The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) is the voice of Local Governments within Western Australia. As the peak industry body, WALGA advocates on behalf of WA Local Governments and negotiates service agreements for the sector.

Market Creations Agency is on the WALGA Preferred Supplier Panel for:

Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

  • Community Consultation (PSP004-011)
  • Corporate Communications & Public Relations (PSP004-010)
  • Marketing Services (PSP004-009)

Leisure, Cultural & Community Services (PSP004-009)

  • Events & Activation (PSP005-005)

Workplace Goods & Services (PSP008)

  • Print Management (PSP008-007)

Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

  • Web Development & Apps (PSP001-008)

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The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT) is the peak body for Local Government in the Northern Territory. Supporting 17 Territory Councils, LGANT’s mission is to advocate on their behalf and provide support to its members.

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