Shire of Jerramungup

Market Creations Agency recently worked with the Shire of Jerramungup on an educational campaign to prevent antisocial behaviours that occur during peak periods in Bremer Bay. We created the #RespectBremerBay brand back in 2020 and re-launched the campaign in 2021 for an eight-week period.

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Shire of Jerramungup


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About the client

The Shire of Jerramungup was established in 1953 as a war service settlement area and gazetted in 1957. Though only a relatively young farming and agriculture region, the area is rich in history and proud of its heritage. The town of Bremer Bay is growing fast both in terms of development and tourism. The unspoilt coastline offers numerous recreational pursuits from fishing, beachcombing, walking on some of the finest beach sand in the southern hemisphere, whale watching, and plenty of swimming in the magnificent turquoise waters of the various bays and beaches.

Respect Bremer Bay

Located at the mouth of the Bremer River, Bremer Bay is a popular tourist destination especially during the holiday season between December and January. To ensure the visitors feel welcome but at the same time, prevent any negative detrimental impacts associated with the increased population, we proposed implementing a marketing and communications plan to educate the camping and visitor community regarding the “Respect Bremer Bay” message.


We worked with the Shire to create informative and creative social media posts focused on key messages of saving wildlife, less littering, booking accommodation in advance, stopping illegal camping, and general respect for the local community. This was paired with an official media release and a Photo Competition with prizes donated by local popular businesses. To enter, you had to submit a photo that best reflects why you love Bremer Bay. 

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The Outcome

The campaign saw a positive impact on community behaviour, including less illegal camping, less litter and dumping, and fewer calls to the local police.

Throughout the campaign, we worked with the Shire and local businesses to promote a Photo Competition on Facebook, which saw over 30 images being submitted by visitors showcasing why they love Bremer Bay!

Overall, the campaign was a huge success and we hope to work with the Shire again next Summer.