Shire of Victoria Plains

Market Creations Agency is excited to introduce the Shire of Victoria Plains' newly refreshed website design. The new design comes with a bundle of exciting features and modules that help elevate the Shire’s digital presence and drive online engagement. As part of the homepage design, our team have integrated a detailed map of the region with key statistics and points of interest, also new to the site is the homepage content area for road reports which provides real time updates on road conditions in the Victoria Plains area.

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Shire of Victoria Plains



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Website Design:

The Shire of Victoria Plains' website showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The design primarily uses the navy blue from the Shire’s logo and accents these darker tones with splashes of yellow to create a warm and vibrant colour palette that perfectly fits the Wheatbelt region. The thoughtful placement of visual elements such as elements of the logo interlaced with the background colours creates a bespoke design that will offer a lasting visual impact.

Website Development:

Market Creations Agency's development team undertook the task of translating the Shire's vision into an online reality. Through our joint efforts, the website was constructed to offer residents and community members alike quick and easy access to important Council information. This is achieved through an integrated latest news feed, events calendar, and customised social media feed displaying real time updates.

Features & Modules:

The Shire of Victoria Plains' website is replete with innovative features and modules tailored to the needs of its residents and visitors. Users can quickly sign up to the Shires newsletter direct from the homepage through a MailChimp integration. Other features include the Alerts module which provides time critical updates directly under the main menu navigation.

Tourism Focus:

The website's tourism-centric approach amplifies the Shire of Victoria Plains' appeal as a destination. The sites include a dedicated tourism content area serving as a comprehensive guide for travelers, providing information on accommodations, attractions, itineraries, and local experiences in the surrounding towns of Bolgart, Mogumber, Calingiri and more. By spotlighting the region's distinctive charm, the website ignites curiosity and invites exploration, contributing to sustainable growth in tourism.

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The Outcome:

The launch of the Shire of Victoria Plains' revamped website promises to yield a number of positive outcomes for the Council and the region. By placing a large emphasis on promoting local tourism attractions and places, the website acts as destination site whilst still encompassing all the key information and relevant resources related to council. With the new site, the Shire of Victoria Plains can aim to accelerate the economic growth of the region by driving interconnectivity between council and residents and attracting new visitors to the area.