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Market Creations Agency is pleased to present the multisite development endeavor that brought to life the Town of Victoria Park’s Leisure Centre website. The new multisite stands out as one of the leading recreational centre websites in Western Australia with advanced tools and technologies that promise to grow memberships and provide users of the facilities a one stop shop for all their fitness and recreational needs.

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Victoria Park Leisure Centre



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Project Scope:

The Victoria Park Leisure Centre multisite project was conceived to establish a comprehensive online platform that seamlessly integrates fitness class schedules, membership signups, swimming lessons and local sporting fixtures into a design that will wow the Victoria Park residents and sporting communities. The objective was to craft a user-oriented digital hub that enables convenient access to leisure and fitness resources, cultivating a healthier lifestyle within the community.

Digital Design and Development:

Market Creations Agency's design and development teams worked collaboratively with the Victoria Park Leisure Centre team to bring to life a dynamic and visually captivating multisite. The design echoes the Leisure Centre's commitment to vitality, by utilising energetic blue and green colors along with dynamic visuals and block text fonts to create a punchy and sporty look. The intuitive site architecture ensures effortless navigation, empowering visitors to effectively explore the Centre's diverse array of amenities and offerings.

Key Features and Functionalities:

The Victoria Park Leisure Centre multisite presents a diverse range of features to enhance the user’s digital experience. This includes immediate access to up-to-date fitness class schedules, streamlining workout planning. The multisite also offers comprehensive insights into membership options, benefits, and pricing, empowering users with informed choices. Patrons also benefit from the integrated booking system, allowing them to effortlessly reserve fitness classes, swimming sessions, and other activities.

Advantages of a Multisite

The unveiling of the Victoria Park Leisure Centre and Library multisites offers a strong testament to the value of investing in a multisite website application. With all three site’s built on our proprietary SparkCMS, Town staff are now able to use one login to access all three sites, and quickly switch which site they are working on. Administrators can also quickly and easily setup workflows for content approvals and access requirements. Furthermore, with a multisite application, all sites share the one hosting fee providing an economical long term website hosting solution protected by state-of-the-art cyber-security measures.

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The Outcome:

The collaborative effort between Market Creations Agency and the Victoria Park team has culminated in a real standout multisite design for the Leisure Centre that epitomises the Centre's commitment to fostering well-being within the local community. With its robust feature set, responsive design, and user-oriented functionalities, the website ensures seamless access to fitness resources and community engagement.

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