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Market Creations Agency is proud to showcase the successful implementation of a multisite development project for the Victoria Park Library, a vital community resource within the Town of Victoria Park. The Library multisite represents the Town’s commitment to extending the libraries services and information into a digital environment to grow the reach and accessibility of these resources to the broader public and hopefully engage more youth in the joys of reading from a younger age.

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Victoria Park Library



Website Design,

Project Scope:

The Victoria Park Library multisite project aimed to create a user-centric online platform that extends the library's reach and enhances its digital presence. The goal was to provide a comprehensive digital experience for library patrons, enabling them to easily discover resources, access online catalogues, stay informed about events, and engage with the library community.

Website Design and Development:

Market Creations Agency's design and development teams collaborated closely with the Victoria Park team to design and implement a dynamic and visually appealing multisite. The sire design echoes the library's welcoming atmosphere, utilising warm and inviting color schemes and splashes of yellow throughout to create a unique and child-friendly aesthetic that sparks bright minds to grow. The intuitive site architecture ensures effortless navigation, enabling visitors to seamlessly explore the diverse range of services and resources available.

Features & Modules:

The Victoria Park Library multisite boasts a comprehensive array of SparkCMS modules and exciting features designed to enhance patrons' online interactions. Users can seamlessly access the library's extensive collection through the online catalogue, stay informed about upcoming events via the latest news feed, and engage with digital resources like e-books and audiobooks. The website facilitates a number of the libraries initiatives and programs, encouraging community engagement through discussion forums, book clubs, and even a story corner for young children.

Accessibility & WCAG Compliance

The launch of the Victoria Park Library multisite has redefined the library's digital presence, facilitating enhanced engagement between the library and its patrons. The sites user-centric approach aligns with WCAG standards for accessibility, offering personalisation tools to adapt the online experience to individual preferences. This includes the ability to change the sites language through a Google Translate integration. Also provided is the ability to increase the font size and contract through a robust suite of WCAG compliance features established to ensure the Victoria Park Library can provide a dynamic hub for information, learning, and community interaction for all users.

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The Outcome:

Market Creations Agency's collaboration with the Town of Victoria Park has resulted in a sophisticated and user-centric multisite that reflects the library's commitment to serving its community in the digital age. The website's innovative features, responsive design, and seamless functionality ensure that patrons can enjoy a rich and interactive local library experience from anywhere in the world. The Victoria Park Library multisite stands as a testament to the power of technology in fostering community connection and learning.

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