Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation

Integrated Marketing Services & Education Campaigns

COVID-19 Campaign

Market Creations Agency prepared and executed a COVID-19 educational campaign for Wirraka Maya in early 2020. This campaign was developed and implemented in an extremely short timeframe, with fears that the global pandemic may spread to remote Aboriginal communities with catastrophic repercussions.

Market Creations Agency worked closely with the team at Wirraka Maya to ensure they were a trusted source of reliable, timely health information that the community could rely on. The campaign included the development of a content calendar which detailed key messages, channels for communication and links to further information sources. Market Creations Agency graphic design team prepared a series of health messages for Wirraka Maya’s social media channels, as well as fact sheets, blogs, posters and infographics.

In addition to social media management and designed marketing materials, the Market Creations Agency team made critical updates to Wirraka Maya’s website including the implementation of an ‘Alerts Banner’. The banner enabled the organisation to present important COVID-19 information at the forefront of their website.

Market Creations Agency has built a strong association with Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (Wirraka Maya) providing marketing consulting services for over 4 years.

During this time, Market Creations Agency has led the development of their brand and style guide development, inclusive of all stationery and marketing collateral requirements such as promotional items and signage. Market Creations Agency has also supported and facilitated the setting of strategic planning requirements including writing and designing documentation, the production of Annual Reports and website design and development.

The team at Market Creations Agency has also worked alongside staff at Wirraka Maya to assist with social media training and development and implementation of social media campaigns.

As an Aboriginal health service provider, one of Wirraka Maya’s primary objectives is to educate their clients and the wider community. Market Creations Agency has assisted Wirraka Maya with the successful implementation of a number of education campaigns spanning both digital and traditional marketing mediums.  This often includes the development and implementation of both paid and organic social media campaigns.