Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation

Market Creations Agency has had the privilege of working closely with Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal-owned and governed, non-profit corporation located in Karratha, for over a year. 

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Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation



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Market Creations Agency has had the privilege of working closely with Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation, Aboriginal-owned and governed, non-profit corporation located in Karratha, for over a year. This case study delves into our partnership with Wirrawandi, showcasing how we provided comprehensive services that included strategic planning, website development, and ongoing support across various aspects of their operations.

Initial Workshop and Strategic Planning:

In the early stages of our collaboration, Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation sought our assistance in developing a comprehensive Strategic Plan to guide their organisation's growth and impact. We facilitated a workshop that engaged key stakeholders, enabling us to gain valuable insights into their goals, challenges, and values. Our team worked closely with Wirrawandi's leadership to synthesize this information and create a clear, actionable strategic plan that aligned with the organisation's mission.

Website Revamp - Quick Cut Offering:

Wirrawandi had been working with another service provider for over a year on their website, but the project was progressing slowly, and the end product did not meet their expectations. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Wirrawandi turned to Market Creations Agency for assistance. We implemented our "Quick Cut Offering," an accelerated website development service designed to meet immediate needs. Within a month, we revamped Wirrawandi's website, providing a more user-friendly design and ensuring that it aligned with their brand identity and objectives. The quick turnaround allowed Wirrawandi to establish a strong online presence promptly.

Ongoing Engagement:

Following the successful strategic planning and website development phases, our collaboration with Wirrawandi continued to grow. Market Creations Agency has played a vital role in supporting Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation across various areas, including:

  • Marketing Plan: We developed a comprehensive marketing plan that aligned with Wirrawandi's strategic goals, focusing on promoting their initiatives and increasing community engagement.
  • Operations Plan: To ensure Wirrawandi's operations were efficient and effective, we helped develop an operations plan, optimising their internal processes.
  • Partners Prospectus: We created a visually appealing and informative partners prospectus to attract potential collaborators and investors.
  • Annual Report: We designed and produced an annual report that highlighted Wirrawandi's achievements and impact, allowing them to share their successes with stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: We established a quarterly newsletter to keep Wirrawandi's stakeholders informed about the organisation's latest activities, achievements, and upcoming events. The newsletter served as a valuable communication tool, fostering stronger connections between Wirrawandi and its members.
  • Social Media Management: Market Creations Agency took over the management of Wirrawandi's social media channels, ensuring consistent and engaging content to reach a wider audience.
  • Design Work and Collateral: Our team developed a comprehensive style guide to maintain brand consistency, designed flyers and signage for events and initiatives, and even created a uniform design to give Wirrawandi a unified and professional appearance.
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The collaboration between Market Creations Agency and Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation has yielded significant results. Wirrawandi now has a clear and actionable strategic plan, an effective and engaging website, and a range of marketing materials that showcase their mission and impact. With our ongoing support, Wirrawandi has enhanced its online presence, improved its operations, strengthened its connections with partners and the community, and established a regular means of communication through the quarterly newsletter.

This case study highlights the successful partnership between Market Creations Agency and Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation, showcasing the transformative impact of strategic planning, web development, and ongoing support in promoting the organisation's mission and vision. The collaboration demonstrates the power of effective communication, rapid problem-solving, and comprehensive services in driving positive change within an organisation.