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The Shire of Corrigin has been a CouncilConnect subscriber since 2017, and after seven years with their original web design, they decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint. As the calendar turned over into 2024, the Shire was ready to unveil their new website presence to their community, introducing several new features that could effectively promote the Shire as a budding tourist destination. The new site also incorporated a variety of stunning visuals and design elements, as well as new homepage content area additions that would help promote the Shire’s upcoming events, latest news, and even their eNewsletter.

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Embracing A Tourism Focus

Corrigin’s new website design was informed by the Shire’s latest Google Analytics reports which informed us that visitors were interested in exploring the tourism aspects of what Corrigin had to offer. As such, our team worked with the Shire to create a dedicated homepage content area that enabled people to scroll through a dynamic carousel of tourism related content. Visitors can now browse items like accommodation, shops & services, arts & cultures, museums, parks, dining options, attractions and more, all before even leaving the comforts of the homepage.

An Additional Design Template Fit for a CRC 

The Shire also emphasised the need to promote the Corrigin Community Resource Centre and its various services and offerings available to community members and travellers alike. To give the CRC its own dedicated website presence, Market Creations Agency setup and Additional Design Template, which provided the CRC with its very own sub-section within the website, complete with its own homepage, menu navigation, and content streams. Now visitors will have the ability to hire equipment, become a member, and interact with the CRC on a much more advanced level, helping create administrative efficiencies for the CRC and its team of staff and volunteers.

Search & Navigation

The Shire of Corrigin wanted to ensure content was easily accessible within the new website, and that users of all digital literacy levels could navigate the website effectively to find the information they were looking for. To assist with this key deliverable, we helped integrate a Mega Menu and QuickLinks navigation systems, in addition to a smart search functionality that offers visitors a selection of popular search terms, or the ability to enter a custom request. With these additions, searching for website content or past documents has never been easier for Corrigin residents.

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The Outcome

The new website by all accounts has been received with overwhelming support from the Shire of Corrigin and its community members, with a revamped design they can stand proudly behind. Tourism drivers are in place to bring new visitors to the Shire on their ‘Pathway to Wave Rock’, and residents now have a much more refined way of staying up to date with the latest community and council developments, via dedicated feeds for news, events and even a signup field for the Shire’s eNewsletter.