Shire of Menzies

The Shire of Menzies built a new website to transform the way their users interact with their brand online. 

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Shire of Menzies


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About the client 

Located 730kms northeast of Perth, the Shire of Menzies is a mining and pastoral town best known for its iconic landmark, Lake Ballard. With a population of less than 500, Menzies is a close-knit community and relies on the Shire website for information and updates.

The Brief 

The Shire of Menzies wanted to create a compelling digital experience that enabled users to navigate their website with ease and learn more about the Shire and what it has to offer.

The new website needed to be intuitive and reflective of the Shire brand and community.

Engaging Experience

Market Creations Agency redesigned and streamlined the site architecture, focusing on easy navigation and user experience. The homepage layout and design feature interactive feeds to keep the content fresh and up to date. Our team of professional UX designers and web developers transformed the website to look modern and stylish while being functional and engaging for its visitors.

Visit Menzies

The Shire also partnered with us to develop an additional design template dedicated to promoting their tourism brand. Representing Australia’s Golden Outback, the Visit Menzies landing page features the things to see and do in and around Menzies, Lake Ballard and Kookynie.

A key tourist attraction featured on the Visit Menzies page is Lake Ballard, home to the famous Antony Gormley Sculptures.

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The Outcome

Market Creations Agency partnered with the Shire of Menzies to rejuvenate their digital platform and create a captivating website for residents and visitors alike.

Concentrating on elevating the user experience, the website development project was driven by a combination of navigation strategy and innovative design.

The end result is a user friendly and sophisticated website design that aims to enhance the Shire’s digital presence and better serve the community.

Following a successful website launch, Market Creations Agency were further engaged to support the Shire with their ongoing media, PR and design needs.