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Market Creations Agency welcomed the Shire of Murray into CouncilConnect in 2023 with the development of a refreshed corporate site and a brand-new online presence for the Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Together the sites have reimagined how the Shire communicates with its online audience and have created a truly engaging way for residents and visitors to interact with council resources and the local recreation centre.

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Shire of Murray Leisure Centre



Website Design,

Website Design

Our talented design team brought to life a concept that maximised the colour palette of the MALC’s style guide in an effort to appeal to everyday users of the facilities as well as parents of young kids looking to get their children into swim lessons and kid-friendly activities.

Website Development

With the Leisure Centre Website, our team brought to life a site that could capture online memberships, event registrations for swimming lessons, and display dynamic calendar views of pool lane availability and fitness class timetables. We also included a video rotator to really immerse the reader and drive online engagement.

Video Rotator

The MALC website features a variety of exciting features, starting with a dynamic video rotator in the site’s first fold showcasing a great selection of video assets on swimming lessons, group fitness classes and more. Video has been proven to be a far more effective at engaging readers than static images, and a video rotator provides a great tool for elevating the quality and user-experience of your site, as testament shown by the new look MALC.

Dynamic Class Timetables and Pool Lane Availability

The MALC website offers an abundance of features that help users get the most out of their gym membership. The new site allows users the ability to browse an interactive display of the weekly group fitness classes and pool lane availability. With this tool directly embedded into the homepage, members of the MALC can quickly and easily book into their next class and plan their swims around peak times.

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The Outcome

The Shire of Murray came to Market Creations with two exciting website projects, and following our work together, they are reaping the benefits offered by a state-of-the-art website presence that seamlessly integrates with their 3rd party applications through API’s and iFrames to streamline their timetabling and membership requirements.

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