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Discover the allure of WA’s ultimate reef to range experience with the Visit Ashburton multisite. Through our partnership with the Shire of Ashburton, the Market Creations Agency team has brought to life an innovative and captivating tourism site for the Shire that helps users plan and map out of a trip of a lifetime through the Karijini National Park, and all that the Ashburton region has to offer. Fish the coast of the Mackerel Islands or dive into the countless natural swimming pools located throughout Millstream Chichester National Park. However you like to adventure, the Visit Ashburton website has something on offer for everyone.

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Project Vision:

Market Creations Agency worked with the Shire of Ashburton on a tourism strategy that included developing both a tourism brochure and standalone website presence for the ‘Visit Ashburton’ brand. The result was a captivating blend of traditional and digital media that has streamlined the Shire’s tourism efforts and created a strong brand identity. The site along with the Visit Ashburton publication promises to accelerate the growth of tourism in the area, and help adventurers from around the world create lasting memories from a destination that is quite simply unlike anything else.

Website Design and Inspiration:

The Visit Ashburton multisite draws design inspiration from the vibrant palette of the Shire's logo, capturing the hues of navy blues and bright oranges. These accents evoke the meeting point of the ocean and the outback in Western Australia's Northwest corner, mirroring the region's stunning landscapes. The synergy with the Shire's corporate website is palpable through shared design elements, including blue paint splash accents, creating a cohesive and engaging online ecosystem.

Website Development and Functionality:

Market Creations Agency's development team employed state-of-the-art web development practices to ensure a responsive, accessible, and intuitive site design was achieved. The sites layout was drawn from Google Analytics data to ensure the most searched for items had prominent roles on the homepage design. With this, content areas were established for users to quickly and easily book tours, discover accommodation options, explore destinations and even gain insights into popular travel itineraries that have been followed by travelers before them.

Tourism Multisites Made Easy:

The Visit Ashburton site is a great example of a standalone tourism platform that can be set-up as a multisite to existing CouncilConnect website hosting solutions. Under a multisite arrangement, your team can quickly switch between your corporate website and your tourism site using one login to access the SparkCMS administrative portal. Website hosting is also shared between sites meaning you pay one hosting fee for all your Councils sites providing a long-term economical advantage, whilst also ensuring your team only needs to gain familiarity with one content management system.

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The Outcome:

The Visit Ashburton site is an internal favourite of many of our staff with a design concept that jumps off the page, thanks in part to some stunning imagery, and the bright and bold colours of the Visit Ashburton brand guidelines. We encourage everyone to check out the new site for yourself and discover more of what the region has to offer. We have no doubt you’ll be planning a trip of your own in no time.

For insights into the Shire of Ashburton's broader digital transformation, explore the Shire's corporate website refresh here.