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Meet me in Katanning.. Where we’ll embrace a melting pot of different cultures. Where we’ll share stories; new and old. Where we’ll venture down the road less travelled, and where we’ll soak in vibrant sunsets and a whole lot of country charm. That’s the message of the Shire of Katanning’s newly developed ‘Visit Katanning’ tourism multisite. Our creative team has helped bring this idea into reality with a state-of-the-art website presence that connects visitors with the tools and resources needed to have an unexpected adventure of a lifetime in Katanning.

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Website Development:

The Visit Katanning multisite offers something for everyone. Users can explore a wide selection of local attractions, local businesses and even browse a library of timeless video stories detailing the history of the region. The site achieves a cutting edge user experience by incorporating an array of stunning imagery into the hero image rotator and offering insights into all the region has to offer through strategic content areas and quick links.

Website Design:

The Visit Katanning website features the reds, yellows, and blues from the Shire’s style guide, but heavily incorporates the tourism logo directly into the site designs. The logo features a winding road in the shape of a hear that reaches its intended destination in the Shire of Katanning. This imagery is used throughout the homepage from the first fold right down to the footer where an abstract icon is introduced that subtly highlights key points of interest along the journey.

Bringing Resources Together:

From the Visit Katanning website, users are directed to traffic and relevant resources from a pool of the shire’s online assets. The site acts as the meeting point for business, government, tourism and locals by bringing together the resources from the Great Southern Treasures website, the Katanning Hub, the Katanning Business Centre and the Shire of Katanning’s corporate site.

Benefits of a Tourism Multisite:

Like Katanning, many shires are choosing to develop a standalone platform for their tourism efforts. By investing in a dedicated tourism multisite, CouncilConnect clients can enjoy the benefits of a shared hosting environment and provide their visitors with a dedicated hub detailing all the unique things to do in their area. Many of our tourism multisites incorporate a social media feed from the shire’s tourism pages, and with our latest module developments, CouncilConnect subscribers can now set up an interactive near me geo-mapping module which allows users to search for an address and see all the events and places of interest around their location.

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The Outcome:

Between the two new websites, the Shire of Katanning has completely revamped their digital presence and streamlined their online communication efforts. Both sites offer users with a state-of-the-art and user-centric design that provides easy access to shire resources and tourism information. For more insights into the Shire of Katanning’s corporate website redesign project, check out our dedicated case study here.